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The Insurtech Magazine 06

The Insurtech Magazine 06 | Fintech Finance

What value do we put on our health? Probably a lot more than we did just two years ago. Studies suggest that those of us who, pre-COVID, dragged ourselves out jogging or to the gym once or twice a week, have significantly increased our activity – by up to 88 per cent, according to one global survey.

So, that’s the good news. The bad news is that most health and life insurers don’t have a clue who’s putting in the effort and who isn’t; who’s heading towards a lifestyle-related illness that’s likely to cost the insurer and the insured dearly. And they’re certainly not intervening to protect both wealth and health. As Peter Ohnemus, founder of Dacadoo, points out in our cover feature (page 4), ‘the key objective for an insurance company is to look after you’. And not just the individual, he argues, but all of us. If insurers had a better handle on data, they might even have helped flag COVID sooner, he suggests.

There’s clearly a conversation to be had between us – the individuals who own that data – the companies we exchange it with, and state-backed organisations working to keep us safe. That raises lots of red flags to do with digital identity and data protection; how an open finance framework intersects with non-financial actors; how to make the partnerships necessary to deliver it work.

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In this edition, we feature… drum roll…

  • Brian Levine, Mobiquity
  • Sean Ringstead, Chubb
  • Paolo Zaccardi, Fabrick
  • Luisa Barile, Bought By Many
  • Hal Lonas and Garient Evans, Trulioo
  • Peter Ohnemus, Dacadoo
  • Michael Dritsas, Vlot
  • Victoria Roberts, Tech Nation
  • …and many more!


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