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Steve Hoy

Steve Hoy
Director of Partnerships
Thought Machine

Steve Hoy

Hi, I’m Steve Hoy, Director of Partnerships at Thought Machine. We make Vault, a modern, cloud-native core-banking system. Our mission is to build the new foundations for banking using modern software engineering.

An ecosystem of Partners is a source of competitive advantage, making it easier for a Bank to choose Thought Machine, and enabling new business models to serve customers with the products they want, including products and services no-one has thought of yet. I help Partners build propositions and sell their own products and services through an association with Thought Machine, all the while helping Banks break free from the shackles of legacy systems. Through integrating the contributions of multiple organisations, large and small, it’s possible to bundle capabilities and collaborate to realise opportunities together.

I’ve been working in Banking since 1986 and have led operations and technology change, taking complex business challenges and constructing practical solutions to achieve goals, and driving the profitable development of businesses for more than 30 years for companies such as RBS, Abbey National, J.P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers and SNCF.

Good ideas die fast in Banks because it just takes too long and costs too much, and the cost of product failure is high. At last there’s a way to get financial products to market in days or weeks rather than months or years, and finally Banks can start offering services their clients actually want.