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Noel Quinn

Noel Quinn
Group Chief Executive

Noel Quinn

I’m privileged to lead HSBC, one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

I never expected to work in banking. In 1987, after university, I was all set to move to Canada to work as a chartered accountant. At the last minute, someone asked me to interview for a role at Midland Bank (now HSBC UK). The interviewer was one of the cleverest, most dynamic and interesting people I had ever met, and they convinced me to stay in the UK and become a banker instead. Personal connections matter – whether between staff or towards clients – and making room for them is extremely important to me, especially at a bank as large as HSBC.

I’ve stayed with HSBC for so long because of the people I worked with and because each new role challenged me and helped me to learn. Leading a team, working with customers, helping people to succeed – personally and in business – is what energises me. Now I’m CEO, I have more customers and a bigger team, but my motivation is the same.

My role can be busy, so my office helps out with this account. However, I see everything that is posted and check in often.