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Louis Carbonnier

Louis Carbonnier
Co-CEO and co-founder

Louis Carbonnier

Hokodo works with wholesalers, online B2B marketplaces and other merchants to make selling to business buyers easier. Unlike consumers, businesses generally expect to pay on credit terms. To manage this risk, sellers traditionally resort to paper-based trading account applications and manual credit decisions.

Hokodo streamlines this whole process, allowing sellers to make credit decisions in real time when the customer reaches the check-out. We protect the seller by insuring the credit risk with Lloyd’s of London, and we arrange the financing so our sellers can get paid upfront if they choose. Our digital platform combines instant credit assessments and fully automated limits management, all served up via APIs in less than 1 second.

Other than that, my passion in life is to build connections between people to solve real life issues. Nothing excites me more than solving a problem in a new, impactful way. After a decade working in financial services, one of the biggest problems that keeps me up at night is the way our industry has failed to cater to the needs of small businesses. Financing and insurance remain opaque and unfair to those who most need them!
My cofounders and I decided to set up Hokodo to tackle this issue head-on, using modern technology – in particular APIs and machine learning.