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Juraj Králik

Juraj Králik
Managing Director
Slovak Fintech Association

Juraj Králik

I humbly consider myself an innovation enthusiast with curious mind and sometimes stupid questions 🙂

I enjoy everything that comes with it, either by working on new interesting projects, starting up ventures that brings certain value to the table, providing business and analytical skills to test and validate business ideas or just using/testing new gadgets, apps, platforms and whatever comes next.

Since my university studies I was inclined into working in (or with) certain parts of start-up ecosystem, mainly FinTech, which reshapes banking industry as whole. That attachment affected my work experience, either by choosing to work as Fintech Coordinator in global banking association or moving to Spain to gain valuable experience of how the ecosystem works in different geographic area.

Currently I am leading a creation of innovative FinTech projects within my own company, Buyora Solutions. Being part of Slovak Fintech Association helps me shape innovations in my home country and to create a hub for FinTech companies which connects key players within market to create valuable synergies.

That is why I pushed for creation of practical innovation hub, which I am now a Managing Director – Fintech Hub Slovakia. It’s an open platform designed to help FinTech ease their early pains of development and strategic focus and help them with their go-to-market process.

I do not really restrict myself and my attention only to FinTech start-ups as I have also co-founded small tea e-shop Wilfred during my time on university. That experience helped shape my entrepreneurial attitude towards future and I gained some valuable business experience with starting up a company as a student.