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Johnny Vowles

Johnny Vowles
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Johnny Vowles

An entrepreneurial tech and product guy at heart who’s an experienced business founder. You can currently find me leading the way at Expend – our fantastic company doing wonderful things within the financial technology space.

My blurb…

I have created successful businesses and products from scratch and worked on a broad array of projects ranging from financial solutions to consumer/retail/b2b products as well as bulding data products, intelligence systems and partner networks. I’ve performed a variety of roles and developed a wide skill set.

I’m an experienced consultant working with various organisations including Samsung, Vodafone and Condé Nast, where I combined my technical, business and strategic skills. With history creating and managing an array of class leading products and services.

Having been involved with multiple projects from conception to fruition, I’ve built strong leadership, product development, operations, marketing, strategy and business expertise.

I’m a highly driven, straight talker with reliable judgement and a thirst for forward thinking.