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Brady Harris

Brady Harris
Chief Executive Officer

Brady Harris

Senior Executive with a 20 year history of leadership in FinTech, Payments and SaaS industries, to include multiple successful PE transactions.

Strong track record of unlocking company value through implementing enterprise growth strategies, instituting operational controls, and maximizing business efficiencies.

Ability to quickly understand the primary drivers of a variety of businesses, diagnose problems, and think through solutions, in a context of PE/VC sponsorship. Strong communication skills, including the soft skills needed to influence and garner trust from Senior leadership teams.


• Accelerated growth/revenue strategy and management, E.g., Blitzscaling
• Sales leadership
• Sales Operations (CRM, Data analytics, etc.)
• GTM redesign and optimization
• Full lifecycle product development/management
• Full P&L management
• M&A, post- transaction management and integration
• Fundraising

Primary focus on business scaling and standardization, growing and optimizing companies, to include sales, operations, marketing, product, finance, legal and HR from start-up through 100M+ revenue.

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