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Zumo: 5 companies that rock at supporting women all year round


Railsbank’s initiative for IWD 2021 is to invite a female student to spend one day shadowing women in power at Railsbank, this is a fantastic opportunity for those seeking inspiration and insight into a world of Open Banking and Financial Services. This year they are pushing for each country to make a pledge to invest X hours in mentoring a young person by recording digitally and sharing it with appropriate in-country consent.


Helen Child, OBE | Fintech FinanceOpen Banking Excellence represents a worldwide community of Fintechs, Banks, Big Techs, and Regulators striving to lead change, supporting pioneers is part of their DNA.

Co-Founder of OBE, Helen Child is always happy to empower as many people as possible often passing the mic during OBE’s regular campfires. The former CEO of the first E-money license Issuer to be awarded licenses from both Mastercard and Visa has experienced barriers that have been put in place but never let that stop her progression! Now, her entire team strives to bring positive change for women worldwide, one day at a time.


Samantha Seaton, Moneyhub | Fintech FinanceInternational Women’s Day 2021, How times are changing for the better! This year’s initiative taken by Moneyhub is a celebration of women, their achievements, and how they can bring change through action and conversation. Sam Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub has prior experience in achieving great things on a personal level, in 2020 Sam was named Fintech Woman of the Year at the Professional Advisor Awards.

This year she is optimising her platform and having open discussions on creating a diverse and inclusive future, how gender balance and diversity creates a richer workplace, and how they tackle the challenge of work/life balance in light of the pandemic and home-schooling. Moneyhub is an Open Finance platform for customer-centric organisations, and at the industry forefront for financial data aggregation, intelligence, and payments.


Paul Roach, Zumo | Fintech FinanceZumo has inclusion at the core of its value. And this is reflected by the female representation in his leadership team, the CFO and COO, and Marketing director are women, all advocating in women across multiple sectors. On International Women’s Day the company pledged together to continue attracting and supporting and retaining female talent. Nick Jones, the CEO commented “International Women’s Day shouldn’t be a one day thing”. He said “I pledge to do everything I can to make sure women have the same opportunities as men”, Paul Roach, the CTO, said “ I work to build a future where gender gap is only a wikipedia article.” 



Rebecca Duckworth, QV Systems | Fintech FinanceQV-Systems is also another one supporting women in Finance. Their diversity champion Rebecca Duckworth is a leader who does not stop to fight for equality within fintech. She has a personal mission within QV-Systems to attract, nurture and retain female talent. One of her initiatives has been to name several of QV-System’s products after women that inspired technological change.

Products named after Radia Perlman or Cora (the IBM 1620 used by NASA’s female programmers) remind us of those who led the way and QV Systems’s dedication to equality within Fintech.


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