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Push Technology, BCC Group, and Baker Technology partner to deliver an end-to-end solution to optimize, control, and accelerate market data for the cloud

Push Technology, BCC Group, and Baker Technology partner to deliver an end-to-end solution to optimize, control, and accelerate market data for the cloud | Fintech Finance

Push Technology, the pioneer and leader in real-time data streaming and messaging solutions, today announced a new partnership with BCC Group, a Frankfurt-based FinTech specializing in the development of software products, and Baker Technology, a specialist user interface software engineering firm. All three companies are well-versed in addressing the challenges of taking market data to the cloud securely, the collaboration is intended to enable financial services companies to overcome the challenges and capitalize on the advantages of the Cloud – simplifying and speeding development of cloud market data systems.

A Greenwich research paper, “Market Data Seeds the Cloud”, states that 66% of companies surveyed feel cloud-based solutions are critical to their success, but operational costs are far and away their most pressing concern. The collaboration addresses this concern providing a comprehensive solution for secure, real-time market data in the cloud – driving new revenue opportunities and saving costs. It combines:

Push Technology’s Diffusion, an Intelligent Data Mesh, which helps financial services companies achieve their digital transformation goals for the cloud. For this solution, the ONE API from BCC Group delivers source data to Diffusion. Diffusion then transforms, enriches, and distributes the exact data each client requires, reliably and securely across the globe. As Diffusion optimizes data distribution using a patented technology, it delivers a 90% plus reduction in bandwidth utilization, which in turn, delivers the requisite high performance and substantially reduces data delivery costs.

Diffusion also provides the ability to control how data is transformed and enriched in real-time. This includes mapping, filtering and augmentation, in addition to real-time, delayed and conflated delivery. Equally importantly, Diffusion’s sophisticated permissioning model enables dynamic, granular data access control without impacting operations. Lastly, Diffusion provides acceleration in two contexts. First, Diffusion assures massively scalable delivery of data around the globe in milliseconds. Second, Diffusion is easily deployed in minutes which speeds operational setup.

BCC Group’s ONE Platform which enables the high-speed distribution of bank-owned, permission controlled financial market data. Customers are able to access real-time market data, as well as distribute internal data, via a single platform. It simplifies how organizations can tap into external data providers using one simple and intuitive API. A cloud native offering, the ONE platform brings market data from any source directly to clients in real time.

Baker’s expertise in designing and building transformative real time systems for the financial markets. Baker specializes in building multi-product trading platform user interfaces for every part of the trade lifecycle. Many of the systems it builds include a market data component, and it has found that having the market data abstracted behind a Diffusion API greatly accelerates the time to market for these kinds of systems.

A joint webinar will be hosted on Wednesday November 4, 2020 at 8:00AM PST/11:00PM EST/4:00PM GMT, to discuss and elaborate on the new solution with a live end-to-end demonstration of How to Optimize, Control, and Accelerate Your Market Data for the Cloud. To register, click here.


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