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Fintech TV Payments Race Race 01: London to Copenhagen

Racer 03: Jordan “Dusty” Drew & Saxo Payments

How did he get on?

Check out Jordan’s Journey from London to Copenhagen below:

Who is he? 

Jordan Dusty Drew is a filmmaker and photographer who makes daily movies on YouTube and has done for the past year. On these, Jordan documents his travels and work. Jordan has worked internationally for the past two years, travelling the world working on many projects.

From hiking mountains in California to wandering cities in Asia, over the past few years Jordan has found ways to travel as efficiently as possible, including managing finances and payments!

He currently can be found heading up the camera team here at Fintech Finance, and you probably recognise him from various conferences:

YouTube: Jordan Dusty Drew

Instagram: @jordandustyrew

Facebook: Jordan Dusty Drew

Twitter: @jordandustydrew

How will he get there? 

Jordan, together with the help of Saxo Payments, will be making the journey to Copenhagen using only a Chip and Pin only



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