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Fintech TV Payments Race Race 01: London to Copenhagen

Racer 01: Kevin Leslie & JCB

How did he get on? 

Check out Kevin’s Journey from London to Copenhagen below:


Who is he? 

Kevin Leslie is an Actor, based in London, where he has established himself in theatre; from his academic debut as Dracula to the gritty role of Darren in Borderland at the Brockley Jack Theatre; and most recently appearing in Blue Stockings on the prestigious Globe Stage.

His film credits are from various small roles in features to the leading role in internationally shot feature, Pearls of Africa. Kevin was recently crowned the Best Actor at the prestigious Marbella International Film Festival and received an award for his portrayal of Reggie Kray. Since Kevin’s most recent role as a Kray twin he has been catapulted into the lime light.

How will he get there? 

Kevin, together with the help of JCB, will be making the journey to Copenhagen using only a JCB card (physical and virtual)


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