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Twisto is a payment app for the mobile-first era. Connected with a Mastercard and Apple Pay-compatible, the Twisto account enables customers to pay for their online purchases with just one click, deal with bills and invoices by taking a photo of them within the app, and pay just about anywhere else with the card, a special payment bracelet or Apple Pay. On top of that, the account comes with the best exchange rate possible for international payments. Twisto aggregates the payments in a neatly designed mobile app, and customers pay them all at once at the end of each month. Backed by ENERN Investments in a pre-seed round, ING Ventures and UNIQA Ventures in series A and Finch Capital and Velocity Capital in series B, Twisto has made its mark on the European fintech scene with awards such as: 2nd place in Fintech category (Zlatá koruna 2018 and 2019) Top 10 Czech startups (Forbes 2016 and 2017) Winner: Top payments startup (EU FinTech startups 2017) Top50 FinTech by Pathfinder rankings (2017) Winner: Most innovative experienced startup (Wolves Summit Poland 2016) Winner: Most innovative e-payment solution (MPE Awards Berlin 2016) Winner: E-commerce solution of the year (E-commerce Awards 2014)

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